The North Campus Open Space has been restored by UCSB’s Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration to a natural environment more like what existed on this property prior to creation of the golf course in 1965. This open space provides a connection to Santa Barbara’s natural heritage and coastal resources which make our community so special. Walking trails provide public access and opportunities for wildlife observations. It will be preserved for the enjoyment of the local community in perpetuity.

Research focuses on documenting the return of the natural ecosystem. Current studies include investigations into water quality, hydrology, soil carbon sequestration, vegetation communities, and wildlife of all sizes and shapes. Contact with your wildlife observations or interest in conducting research.

Ensuring public access to the open space is a priority. View the map showing the trail system.

The North Campus Open Space Project received all its permit approvals in December 2016 and began construction in February 2017. Excavation and grading were completed in October 2017 and trail and bridge construction were completed in August 2018. The site was open opened to the public in October 2018. Restoration planting began in August 2017 and was essentially complete by July 2022. Opportunities to volunteer are available for greenhouse work (Thursday mornings); Community planting days (2nd Saturday of each month). Contact for more information on volunteering.

Visitors at NCOS can explore the site on 2.5 miles of trails that traverse many of the restored habitats and provide excellent wildlife viewing opportunities.Dogs must be on leash and no feeding of wildlife is permitted in order to enhance natural wildlife interactions and viewing opportunities.

There is a community volunteer day the second Saturday of the month as well as a public tour on the Third Saturday of the month. Sign up for the Cheadle Center newsletter. See the current NCOS newsletter for details.

Please contact the Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration at (805) 893-4158 or email

Bicycles are not allowed on the Mesa Trail. Bicycles are allowed on the Marsh Trail but must always stay on the trail.

Dogs are allowed but must be always kept on leash. Pet stations are provided at trail entrances. Please pick up after your pet. Thank you.